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Relax | Uplift | Inspire

1-2-1 sessions are available from bases in Hexham and Newcastle

Relax using a range of techniques and practices; feel uplifted by
gaining control, a sense of balance and positivity; tap into your inspiration and
recognise what is possible, be the best version of yourself, and acknowledge
the importance of looking after yourself.


1-2-1 sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual. They can look at meditation, responding to specific situations in a mindful way, embedding mindfulness in everyday life and developing an understanding of what mindfulness means for you. Sessions are suitable for children, young people
and adults and last for 1 hour.

Group sessions explore what mindfulness is and how it can be applied in a meaningful way to your life. There is the opportunity to experience different activities that promote mindfulness within the group. Group sessions last 2 hours.

Mindfulness drop-in

Join us on Wednesdays from 7:15-7:45 for an exploration of mindfulness, group practise and shared reflections. Hosted at Happy Yoga Newcastle, drop in's are run on a donation basis. Go to www.happyyoganewcastle.com/book to book your place.

Mindfulness 1-2-1 sessions are also available via Skype, please contact us for more information.

Wellbeing workshops

2 hour open group sessions for adults and young people (16+) providing a chance to experience and try out a range of techniques that promote positive emotional wellbeing.

Wellbeing Retreats

In the idyllic and peaceful setting of Shepherds
Dene near Riding Mill, these Wellbeing Retreats provide experiential learning, quiet self-reflection and the opportunity to rediscover your true self.

Run in partnership with Minds Well, 2 experienced facilitators will guide you on your journey and be available for 1-2-1 support and treatments during the 48 hour retreat.


1-2-1 reiki treatment with a qualified practitioner registered with the UK
Reiki Federation.

The practitioner places hands either on the body (over clothes), or just above the body in
a series of positions that can impact on all the bodies systems and major organs.

Clients can lie on a massage table, on the floor, or can be seated depending on comfort and preference. Sessions last for 1 hour and are deeply relaxing.

1/2 hour sessions focussing specifically on emotional wellbeing are also available

Distance Reiki

it is possible to send reiki at a distance.

If you would like to book a half hour distance reiki session for you or someone else, please

get in touch.


Explore | Develop | Enhance

Explore an issue and the views of yourself and others;
develop an understanding and awareness of the topic; enhance your
knowledge, abilities, skills and confidence.

1-2-1 sessions are available from bases in Hexham and Newcastle


Self-harm Positive coping strategies Mindfulness Basic mental health
Supportive skills Bespoke training developed specifically for you

Introduction to self-harm

A 2 hour workshop looking at what
self-harm really is, and viewing it from
a different perspective.

Understanding self-harm

Delivered as either a ½ or full day training developing a clear understanding of self-harm.

Training for family members of
someone who self-harms

A supportive group environment that provides information and allows for discussion of specific circumstances. A chance to explore possible supportive techniques and talk freely about your experience and feelings if you wish.

Positive coping strategies training

A look at what we use coping strategies for, the categories they fall into, what can make strategies positive or destructive and how we feel about our current coping strategies. There will be information and an opportunity to try some positive coping strategies. Offered in 2 hour, half day, or full day sessions.

An introduction to mindfulness

This training looks at what mindfulness really is, the benefits of using mindfulness and how to embed mindfulness practice in your life. There will be opportunities to experience mindfulness in a variety of ways during the session. Available as half or full day training.

Mindfulness in schools

A look at how mindfulness can be used in schools to the benefit of staff and students. Examples of how to respond to situations mindfully, ways of supporting students to develop a more mindful attitude and ways to use mindfulness effectively within stressful situations such as exams can be included. Available as 2 hour or half day training.



An introduction to mental health

On this training we will look at what mental health really means, the mental health continuum, identify our feelings linked to mental health, explore some statistics, get an insight into some of the most common mental health conditions and think about how we can look after our own mental health.

There will  also be information of where to go to for help and support, as well as discussing how we can help someone else who is struggling with a mental health issue. Available as half or full day sessions.

Supportive skills

This training looks at key skills to help you effectively respond to people in a vulnerable situation. Looking at communication- body language, eye contact, active listening and vocabulary; environment - room layout, barriers, colours, sensory impact; Empathising - looking at a range of situations and understanding how someone may feel, the feelings behind actions, identifying feelings in others; and the opportunity to practice your skills. Available as half or full day sessions.

Bespoke training

If you would like to access training linked to emotional wellbeing or mental health please
get in touch as we’re increasing our training offer all the time and may be able to develop sessions in response to your needs. In-house training is available in all the areas listed above and provides the opportunity for us to tailor
the content for the specific group we are working with.

Other training offered by
Natural Wellbeing includes:

• Mental health training for youth workers

• Understanding and expressing feelings
and emotions

• Understanding and working with self-esteem

• Working creatively with emotional wellbeing

• Developing a toolkit to support
emotional wellbeing

• Bereavement in young people

• Exploring relationship issues

• Sexual education and healthy relationships



Reflect | accept | progress

1-2-1 sessions are available from bases in Hexham and Newcastle

Reflect on where you are, how you feel, where you would like to be;
accept the things you can’t change, accept yourself, and identify the things you would
like to change; progress- put steps in place to get you where you want to be,
identify achievements and positives.


Emotional wellbeing group support

(ages 7-18) Group work focussed on key factors that can affect emotional wellbeing including; communication, self-image, friendships/relationships, feelings and triggers, coping strategies, patterns of behaviour and understanding the impact of actions.

Within the informal but safe group work setting, participants can discuss what is going on for them, take part in fun and creative activities, access information and resources, create action plans to help them achieve their own goals and develop a toolkit of self-help strategies.

Through using art and crafts, drama, games, storytelling and a variety of play, children and young people can increase their self-awareness, look at situations from a different perspective and safely assess what is going on for them.

Sessions last 2-3 hours and we recommend a series of at least 6 sessions.

Emotional wellbeing 1-2-1 support

(aged 7 and over) 1-2-1 sessions using a mixture of counselling skills, elements of play therapy, discussion, practical information and resources to explore a range of issues that are leading to challenges with emotional wellbeing. Issues covered can include bullying, low self-esteem, family break up, bereavement, stress, caring responsibilities, self-harm, difficulty coping with emotions and much more.

These flexible sessions respond to the needs
of the individual. Sessions last 1 hour and
we recommend a series of at least 4 sessions. Emotional wellbeing sessions are
not counselling.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT uses patterns of tapping on acupressure points to reduce negative feelings or memories attached to past events. By identifying a feeling you would like to change and a goal of what you would like to achieve a qualified EFT practitioner will work with you in small steps to help make this goal a reality. 1-2-1 sessions last 1 hour and can focus on very specific issues.

Group sessions can last 1-2 hours and can look at more general issues such as anxiety, stress, addiction, or fears.

Neuro Linguistic Programming
(NLP) and coaching

In NLP and coaching sessions a qualified practitioner will work with you to identify goals and create realistic plans to achieve them. We will look at challenges and identify negative patterns as well as exploring the way we talk to ourselves- something that can have a huge impact. Looking at the mutual impact between thoughts, feelings and actions past barriers can be removed and positive futures achieved.

Sessions are available as 1-2-1s and last 1 hour.


For further information about any of our services, to book a place
or discuss your needs, please get in touch

Natural Wellbeing is not an alternative to seeking medical advice, but may be able to complement these services.


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