Natural Wellbeing works with anyone over the
age of 7, promoting natural ways to enhance your wellbeing and develop understanding of key issues relating to this.


Kate founded Natural Wellbeing in January 2015 as she is passionate about emotional wellbeing, believing that we all need support from time to time whether that be through holistic therapies or getting new ideas of ways to take care of ourselves. A fan of nature, she believes in making the most of this positive natural resource.

Having qualified as a youth worker Kate has worked with children and young people for over ten years. During that time her interest in emotional wellbeing has developed and while gaining experience in this area she has also undertaken a wide range of training.

A qualified practitioner of Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro Linguistic Programming, Kate has also completed a diploma in Mindfulness and has trained in: counselling, health psychology, engaging emotions through play, harnessing the power of thoughts and much more.

Kate loves to work creatively and is always developing new resources and activities. Currently training her Golden Retriever puppy she hopes that one day (when he’s calmed down a bit!) he might be able to help with some Pet Assisted Therapy.

Whether you are interested in holistic therapies, positive self-care strategies, or increasing your understanding
of key issues, Natural Wellbeing can support you to lead a happier and more accepting life.

At Natural Wellbeing we offer a range of services
to best support your wellbeing. If you aren’t sure which service would be most beneficial for you, please get
in contact so we can discuss your individual needs
and advise you accordingly.

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Natural Wellbeing is not an alternative to seeking medical advice, but may be able to complement these services.


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